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Over the years, we have routinely enlisted Craig to inspire and motivate our CEO’s, high potential next generation leaders and even our young interns on the Power of Storytelling in selling. He is an engaging speaker, and provides a practical guide to a more effective sales approach. Craig is always rated at the top of our speakers!


Scott Gwilliam


We asked Craig to present at our annual law firm partner retreat on how sales best practices can translate to and heighten our legal practice. Craig’s energy, extraordinary ability to engage by presenting academic research, real life experiences and concrete take-aways captivated and fully involved an inherently skeptical group. Best, we took away his feed-back and client engagement models, which we successfully employ today.


Matt Fink


I have worked with Craig over the years to help train various sales teams. His work with us spanned from the basic fine-tuning of our prep process, how to run an effective meeting, how to follow-up most effectively all the way to the more complex topics of objection handling and getting an opportunity “unstuck”. He brings such a fun, infectious energy – everyone stays engaged and learns so much through the process. He tests the usual concepts and engages directly with the team throughout – even when we did this virtually! Because of Craig and his team, we are a better sales force with more knowledge, skills and discipline which also leads to better results.

Senior Sales Leader

Global Asset Management Firm

We have worked with Craig and his team at our internal Campuses, they have shown a very good and flexible approach at making adjustments for a global audience. Since our very large sales force spans the globe, it’s important for us to put sales experts in front of them who can motivate/engage with different cultures and apply different approaches. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have always appreciated how Craig’s calibration of the content and frameworks helps our teams be great.

Pablo Cisternas

Pablo Cisternas

Program Manager Strategic Accounts & Commercial Excellence at Air Liquide

Our Clients

Student & Client Feedback

  • “Awesome material and presenter. In delivering messages to my people in tough (and good) times, this presentation will go miles.”
    John D.
  • “This workshop has made me more selective of the stories I will use. It was specifically useful for my current job.”
    – Sarah L.
  • “I had to push pretty hard to go outside of our “normal” sales training process to raise the bar higher – you are making me look so good, so smart! Thank you!”
    – Matt S.
  • “Engaging storyteller, that still has me thinking the next day on how I might incorporate the strategies we learned  into my own practice.”
    – Lisa K.
  • “I’ve learned so much from you these past few weeks. It’s been a great period of growth for me…not only in thinking through some really interesting and valuable design challenges, but also in learning from how you’ve navigated the content, us as partners, and how you’ve continued to land the key skills.”
    – Brittney S.
  • “Craig was an incredibly valuable addition to the event. I’ve often heard about the effectiveness of stories, but to actually get some of the research behind it and some tips on how to implement them could be quite an addition to an advisor’s toolbox.”
    – Greg P.
  • “One of the best keynote speakers I have seen in a long time. I was almost thinking about skipping this as many of these speeches are canned copies of other individual’s research. This one was excellent and I will certainly implement many of his ideas into my practice.”
    – Sam S.
  • “Listening to Craig teach at 7am in the morning is better than a cup of coffee!”
    – Rizwan K.
  • “Wow! This will be the class…this will be the class that I will remember 20 years from now. And thank you for bringing the energy every week. It was contagious for my peers and me and simply put, made learning fun.”
    – Andrew K.
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the class and really admired how the Sales Engine team was able to connect and engage with all your students in such an effortless way.”
    – Lola M.
  • “Excellent communicator. Effective delivery. Builds a compelling case to use stories for more effective communication.”
    – Mary T.
  • “Craig was fantastic. Very relevant.”
    – Sydney L.
  •  “Really good info. Made a lot of sense and I will definitely put his ideas into practice.”
    – Tom W.
  • “Love their storytelling &  sales ideas. I will implement them in my future client meetings. Thank you for having him present.”
    – Jim F.
  •  “Great message with an entertaining delivery, well worth it!”
    – Monica S.
  • “This was a truly relevant ‘add on’…he did a great job.”
    – Rohit P.
  • “One of the best speakers of the day….amazing message.”
    – Jennifer K.
  • “I really enjoyed this presentation and learned a lot on how to improve my presentations for clients and prospective clients.”
    – Michelle S.
  • “UNREAL! If I was still making TV shows for a living I would build a series around you 🙂 I am happy you are who you are, and you did what you did, this was so spot on that I am rendered type-less….”
    – Keith F.
  • “I couldn’t sleep after the first three lectures I heard Craig give. I was interested in entrepreneurship before – but he helped me realize that I am an entrepreneur and changed my life. He pushed me out of my comfort zone while motivating and inspiring me at the same time.”
    – Liz K.
  • “Excellent presentation – not only presented “the why” on how stories are effective in a leadership setting, but provided “the how,” with tools and shared experience, in following through. Great job! ”
    –  Ana M.
  • “What a unique presentation – loved it.”
    – John M.
  • “Excellent presenter. Best to date.”
    – Alexa U.
  • “Great topic with applicable circumstances to a wide variety of situations.”
    Jaime K.
  • “Different, interesting and useful.”
    – Tom E.
  • “Great common sense concepts sorely needed in the corporate world. ”
    –  Sophia E.
  • “I often use stories and find them very effective leadership tools – they invite thought and action. Great!”
    – Nicole A.
  • “Best presentation I have been to.”
    – Kyle J.
  • “Excellent presentation and terrific material. I love the ‘Story Matrix’ – I will start to organize mine right away.”
    – Melissa G.
  • “The speech provided good, tangible tips on how to extract and apply stories.”
    – Eric S.
  • “Refreshing, amazing and inspiring.”
    – Jasmine D.

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