What We Do

We help companies build and tune their sales engine. What that means is we help every individual become both magnetic and unstoppable. The way we do that is by helping them build the knowledge, skill and discipline of exceptional performers.  We are also tool builders. We build tools to codify the knowledge, skill and discipline of exceptional performers with the use of these tools.  To ensure that people show up, stand out and break through in every room, in every Zoom, on every day in every way.


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Your teams, whether they be sales, customer success or operations, choose their journey through our video-based, digital courses based on their specific needs.  Our courses have now reached over 100,000 participants worldwide


For more than 20 years, Sales Engine has delivered in-person Sales Kickoffs, Keynotes, Annual Rewards Conferences and many other events all over the world, from gatherings of thousands to intimate groups and everything in between. 


Sales Engine has been called the “gold standard in virtual learning” for reaching participants all over the globe via live virtual sessions since long before the pandemic.  Craig’s Virtual MasterCourses™  continue to attract thousands of participants worldwide.

Ready To Go

The Foundation of All Human Performance and How We Learn

Understand the raw power of a growth mindset and acquire the tools to shift yourself into growth mode. Identify and adopt research-based techniques for effective studying and learning to set yourself up for success throughout this MasterCourse series and beyond.

Tool Examples:

Getting Good At Getting Great

The Science of Deliberate Practice

Gain an understanding of how to get good at getting great – at anything. Discover the difference between deliberate practice and repetitive practice, the necessity of feedback and coaching, and the use of the SMARTTSS tool to plan and achieve goals.

Tool Examples:

Network Like Your Wealth Depends On It (It Does)

Broaden and Diversify Your Network

Transform your approach to networking, using the “five gears” of the sales conversation to become the most powerful networker in any room. Build agility in moving into – and out of – networking conversations effectively and efficiently.

Tool Examples:

Get Up & Get After It

The Art of Proactive Pursuit

Prepare to make contact with customers using a simple “Take 5” tool, and then translate what you’ve learned into powerful and persuasive language that will serve you in every conversation you have. Learn to build a proactive pursuit mindset and engine, such that you will never be without opportunities.

Tool Examples:

Meetings Shouldn’t Suck

Running High-Impact Meetings

Leverage the “Power 10” disciplines of running high impact meetings, such that your meetings are the best meetings your customers have every week. Develop the habit of running these exceptional meetings and make them a part of your personal brand.

Tool Examples:

Show Up, Stand Out and Break Through In Every Room

Presenting with Confidence, Boldness and Humility

Weave together three golden threads – preparation, persuasion and performance – into incredibly powerful presentations that educate, inform and inspire everyone around you. Wow your audiences, whether they are online or off through your use of metaphor, analogies and striking visuals that will set you apart.

Tool Examples:

What’s Your Story?

Owning and Organizing Your Stories

Capture and distill your stories such that you are never without the right story at the right time for the right reasons. Become a collector, so you can equip yourself with this incredibly powerful tool of influence.

Tool Examples:

Tell Your Story

How to Construct and Tell Powerful Stories

Learn to construct and calibrate your stories based on the needs of your audience, and then tell those stories in a way that captivates your audience and moves them to action. Stories follow two arcs; the “business arc” and the “emotional arc.” The energy your stories give off is determined by how you combine these two arcs.

Tool Examples:

Being Magnetic

Listening and Asking Questions

Design and lead conversations that sparkle, leaving your partners wanting more. Collect different types of powerful questions, and become an expert listener by learning how to hold space for others. “Scale up” to C-Suite conversations, elevating your questions and your points of view for a senior audience.

Tool Examples:

Being Unstoppable

Handling Objections and Difficult Conversations

Research suggests that most people avoid difficult conversations. Embrace difficult conversations and the progress they represent. Be ready for any situation in order to seek healthy conflict…not unhealthy peace.

Tool Examples:

From Solo Flyer to Team Player

Team Selling for Impact

As we add teammates and subject matter experts to our client and prospect meetings, selling gets harder not easier. So what changes when we move from individual selling to team selling? How do we ‘stay in our lane’ and ensure that the client or prospect experiences a top-notch team?

Tool Examples:

Now Lock It Down

Negotiating, Closing and Getting Deals Unstuck

Build confidence and credibility in your negotiations by designing a larger playing field on which to negotiate and simultaneously build stronger relationships. Set more ambitious goals – and achieve them – by preparing and proposing the right items, taking charge of the conversation and closing the sale.

Tool Examples:

Bring it Every Day

Generating Positive Energy

Learn how to conduct an energy audit to become more resilient in the face of setbacks, use your positive energy to become magnetic to everyone around you and ensure that your battery is always full and ready to help others make progress.

Tool Examples:

You’re On Mute!

Selling In Virtual Reality

Selling virtually presents opportunities for us as sellers to show up and stand out in a different way…in a way that is meaningful and memorable. What are the skills and disciplines we need to engage with customers in this new environment, and how do we do this in such a way that OUR interactions are the ones that customers remember after a busy week?

Tool Examples:

Brand You

Building Your Personal Brand

Delight your prospects and customers by designing your brand to make promises. Define the ‘edges’ of your brand, and the look and feel of how you operate in every room and every zoom. Build a brand your customers will count on, come back to and refer to everyone in their networks.

Tool Examples:

Consulting Services

(our process)


Is your sales engine pointed in the right direction? Is the sales team structured to maximize top-line revenue? Is each sales resource equipped with the knowledge, skill and discipline they need to succeed? These are just a few of the questions we assess with our 10-point diagnostic of your sales engine.


As founders and CEOs ourselves, we always appreciated directness from the consultants we hired to do work for us. So we bring this same spirit and transparency to you. We speak the truth, and we don’t pull punches. Once we have assessed your sales engine, we deliver a very tactical 30-60-90-day plan to fine-tune that engine and step on the gas. 

Sales Toolkit

Throughout our work with your sales team, we are watching – closely – the interactions they have with each other, internal colleagues and customers. We are also observing the tools they use, and don’t use. Next we build tools…together. We design and build a robust toolkit and we put every salesperson in a position to reach mastery with those tools. 

Case Studies

Our Results:
Top 2 Tech Company in the World

We have been tasked by this client to help design and build a sales culture as their competitive landscape has fundamentally changed.  Three years ago, we helped design their Company Way of Selling in order to equip their 11,000 sellers and 1,200 sales leaders with the knowledge, skill and discipline to elevate their game.  Three years and 6,000 people in, we are being asked to expand and deepen our work because this client is seeing bigger average deal sizes, better stakeholder mapping, more robust leadership of the sales team, and increasingly transformed sellers.  As a result of this work, we were asked to be partners in creating the “Company Sales School” – a fully immersive onboarding experience for all new salespeople who they believe will make the entire company even more competitive. 

Our Results:
Top Immigration Technology Platform

We have been engaged in a multi-year project resulting in the tripling of company revenue, even while reducing the sales force footprint.  Lifetime Value (LTV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has increased dramatically over the past few years as the sales force has adopted our “Sales Toolkit” approach to designing each and every ‘touch’ of the company sales process.  Our frequent, intense sales boot camps with CRO and management team, the sales team, and their internal delivery partners have enabled them to show up to their clients as a finely-tuned team.  And the clients feel it. Each and every interaction with clients is now designed to delight, and the results speak for themselves.  Deal size is up, sales cycle is down, retention is up, and the CEO and investors are delighted.

We are incredibly proud of success stories like these, and the results we’ve driven for more than 100 clients.  We would be pleased to connect you with any of them.

We can help you build your company’s sales toolkit.